Enrollees may terminate their coverage on their own accord at any time during the year.

Please keep in mind that if you terminate your coverage, you might not be able to get other coverage until the next open enrollment opportunity.  Terminations can occur for other reasons as well.

Marketplaces and QHPs may also terminate an enrollee’s coverage if the individual:

  • Is no longer eligible for coverage in a QHP through the Marketplace
  • Fails to pay premiums, consistent with the 3 month minimum grace period requirement
  • Is enrolled in a QHP that is being terminated or decertified and does not select a different QHP during an applicable enrollment period
  • Has obtained coverage based on fraud or an intentional misrepresentation of material fact.

When an individual selects a different QHP during an applicable enrollment period, coverage under the previous QHP will end automatically on the date that coverage under the new QHP begins.

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