Watch out when dropping dental coverage on the Marketplace

Take care when dropping your dental coverage on the Marketplace.  If you don’t you may accidentally lose your health insurance coverage.

Below is a note that I received from Humana this afternoon regarding people who purchased both Medical & Dental plans on the Federal Marketplace.

  • Due to a system limitation of the Federal Marketplace, when a consumer is enrolled in both a medical and dental plan through the Marketplace, termination of one plan automatically terms the other, even if the plans are through different carriers. This is not a regulatory requirement, but the result of a system issue with the Marketplace.
  • A consumer who wishes to drop one plan (voluntarily or involuntarily through lack of payment) but keep the other, will need to ensure the Marketplace call center rep understands that they wish to terminate only one of their plans, and keep the other. The Marketplace agent can then initiate a Health Insurance Casework System (HICS) inquiry to the carrier of the plan they wish to keep, in order to keep the coverage active.
  • Please note this step must be done through the Marketplace. Only the Marketplace can initiate the HICS inquiry for the consumer to retain coverage for the plan they wish to keep.

The bottom line is that you need to be very careful if you want to drop your dental plan but wish to keep your medical, you need to contact the Marketplace to let them know.  If you stop paying for your dental coverage, the Marketplace will terminate your medical as well.

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